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Rivane Neuenschwander

Neuenschwander is one of the most internationally renowned Brazilian artists of her generation. She often allows the influence of autonomous, transient forces – humans and animals being recurring elements –  to dictate the production of her works. Themes of mutability, geography and nature underpin Neuenschwander’s practice. Highlighting the beauty of overlooked phenomena and seemingly banal gestures, she seeks to unveil, and make sense of, the chaotic logic that underpins both the natural and man-made worlds. Neuenschwander’s unique take on Brazilian conceptualism investigates chance and control, at times through direct interaction with the viewer. Her innovative and experimental practise includes painting, photography, film, sculpture and installation. Identity is integral to her works; she draws from folk traditions and incorporates eclectic influences from Brazil’s diverse history of art movements. Neuenschwander’s participatory works are made in collaboration with the viewer, involving a combination of games, experiments and spontaneous and participatory actions. Her works are shaped by an interest in language, nature, geography, time and social interactions and how these processes are connected. The materiality, use of colour and concern for the social aspect of art in her work invites comparisons to artists such as Hélio Oiticica and Lygia Clark.

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