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Located at 1661 Alameda Lorena since 1974, Paulo Kuczynski Escritório de Arte mainly works with Brazilian modernist, concrete, and neoconcrete artists. In 2006, the gallery held an anthological Hélio Oiticica exhibition curated by Guy Brett. 

Our premise is to offer art from the most significant phases of each artist, and to hold exhibitions only when we have a truly robust collection. That was precisely the case with “Di: Alguns Inesquecíveis” (Di: Some Unforgettables), featuring work by Di Cavalcanti from the 20s to the 40s, and “Volpi: Uma Homenagem” (Volpi: A Tribute), with some of Alfredo Volpi’s most emblematic work from the 30s to the 70s. 

Alexandre Santos Silva, Paulo and Anita Kuczynski (credits: Denise Andrade)

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